Content Writing

Good content writing gets you more leads for business. While some may see this as traditional, content writing is a cheaper way of doing marketing for your business online. And it is the most effective marketing strategy that gives you a wide range of potential customers.

However, the quality of your content writing will determine your success with content marketing.

Here are 7 easy tips you could follow to enrich and improve your content:

Tip 1: Do your research, and do it well.

Yes, doing your research means that you provide your readers with well-backed facts. Your content will be credible and will be a quality source of info. Doing your research also means finding other areas that you can create your content around. To start looking for sources on your content, scroll the web for possible sites or sources you can use. Once you feel that you have gathered enough sources, go back to your list and organize them according to a common topic/point. This way, you can easily summarize and present in your own words the ideas presented in the sources.

Tip 2: Write in your own style.

While it may be tempting to copy what other prolific writers write, nothing screams being unprofessional than plagiarism. If you feel that you can present your ideas better by going for a how-to guide, then go ahead. Just make sure that the style you are writing also relates to your content, as well as to the audience who will be reading it.

Tip 3: Your title matters.

The title of your content matters because this is what people see. Your title conveys what people should expect in your content. If it doesn’t interest them, then they will just move along and ignore it. Make your title catchy and unique enough to connect with your readers, but at the same time informative of your content.

Tip 4: Hook your readers with the first sentence.

Hooking your readers interest means that you throw out a line that keeps them reading your content. For example, you are writing content about celebrity exercises. Rather than going the generic “Celebrity exercises are very effective for weight loss.”, you can go for “Ever wondered why celebrity exercises are so effective for weight loss?” Right away, you will pique your readers’ curiosity and make them think of their answer. Which will lead them to continue reading the rest of your content.

Tip 5: Entice your readers with your introduction.

Now that you’ve caught their attention, proceed with creating your lead in your introduction. Craft your introduction in a way that lets the reader get a taste of what your content is about. Add in a short story, or probably relate to a common problem, anything that will keep the interest of your reader going for the main body of your content.

Tip 6: Go for clear, plain and simple writing.

Nothing irks online readers more than having to go through a wall of text. Having fancy, fussy jargon that only add fluff to your content also makes your content difficult to comprehend. Unless you were explicitly required to write academically, then refrain from unnecessary words.

Make use of bullet points or subheadings for your content. Break down the main points in your content and arrange them so that readers can easily scan it. Write your content in such a way that even readers who just scan your work will be able to get the idea quickly.

Tip 7: Practice good SEO.

A simple way that you can increase the rank of your content in search engines would be using simple carewords. For example, if you write “cost-effective hotels and inns” this will give you lesser leads compared if you had written “cheap hotels and inns”. So again, simplicity is still key.

It all sounds simple because that what content marketing really is. Complicating content does not guarantee more success. All it takes is the ability to engage with your customers so that they can relate easily to your content.