Understanding the Value of Blogging For Your Website

Many people wonder if they should invest the time needed to create and maintain a blog. Small businesses especially don’t usually have extra time and often skip the blog. However, there is a huge benefit involved with blogging for your website. To get an idea of why blogging is important, these are the top reasons.
Increase Search Engine Traffic
When someone performs an internet search, having a blog is going to increase their likelihood of finding your website. Blogging can be thought of as fishing. The more hooks in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish. The same principle applies to your website. The more content, the higher you rank in searches. If you’re looking for a way to boost your website traffic, having a blog will help you get there.
Creates Your Brand
Branding is essential for businesses and websites today. Your brand is your identity. People today want to dig deep into their websites and businesses. They want transparency and to know what you’re all about. Blogging gives you a way to touch on issues and concerns. It also provides a platform for you share your business’s views and personality. This step will build trust in the business and increase your likability. It’s a simple but crucial step to connect with customers.
Supports Social Media
Maintaining an active social media presence is a constant task. While it’s important to share relevant content from other people or businesses, you also want to create leads to your own website. As you share blog posts on social media, you’re going to increase the traffic to your own website. Additionally, you can use blog posts to provide content for any email newsletters. If your business sends out newsletters, blog posts can help you have more valuable content that’s going to be appreciated by your readers.
Build Authority
It’s not enough to have a business. You also need to convince potential customers that you are the expert in that field. For example, a website that sells sporting equipment should be known for knowing what equipment is needed for every major sport. A blog provides the opportunity to label yourself as an expert in that field. Post blogs centered around industry-related information and insights. Keep up to date with what’s going on in your area and make that content present in your blog. Once visitors know that you have good information, they’re going to trust you.
Creates Discussion
Blogging isn’t just a one-way street. By having a blog, you have the potential to connect with customers and potential customers. You can use the comments you get from website visitors to tailor your blog or website to meet industry needs. Think of this as being a free feedback tool.
Blogging doesn’t always seem beneficial but it can amazingly helpful to businesses today. Even if you have a small or start-up business, spend some time on the blog, ensuring that it provides excellent content. It’s well worth the time and effort to create a blog and maintain it over time. These are just a few of the benefits and reasons why its important.


Points to Consider for an Effective Business Blog

A trend of business blogging has been building up within the last few years. Blogging for your business helps create awareness of what exactly you are offering to the market. Furthermore, it sets your business apart from the competition by creating a link with your clients. A good business blog is able to show how much the managers of the business are in sync with their niche. Thus if you have not joined the list it may be time to do so. However, even as you choose to blog there are few points to consider even before writing.

Relevancy of content
Most online readers visit sites to read articles that really matter to them. For that reason when blogging makes sure that your articles are relevant to your customers. At the same time make it more tailored towards generating further interest in your core business.

Planning on what to write.
At times we all get that rush of creativity. You can always record this creative points and try to frame them before writing on them. This will ensure that you write relevant, level-headed and enticing pieces.

Keep the blog short
Business blogs, unlike personal blogs, are better off shorter. Keeping the blog articles helps in keeping the reader engaged enough to read the whole article. For clarity sakes, it is recommended that your articles range between 300 and 500 words. Additionally, keep your sentences short and informative. In a world where people have a short attention span, it is important to grasp all that attention.

Make the blog customer centric
Your blog is supposed to resonate with your customer. Thus it is important to have them in mind as you write. Make your blog captivating enough by avoiding long drawn statements. You should avoid using jargon and unfamiliar acronyms. Where professional jargon and acronyms are necessary you can try to define them at least once. As you write, you can make your blog more informal in order to create a personal touch.

Engage your audience
Most often, especially at the onset of your blog, it might feel like you are engaged in a monologue. Nonetheless, you will slowly build a readers base. At times they will comment, ask questions, applaud or criticize the articles on your blog. When responding make sure you remain objective. Try to be as open, understanding and of as much assistance as possible.

Creating external links.
Articles do not just share themselves. That is why you will need to share your articles. Sharing the blog posts via the business’ and your own personal social media pages will score you a few reads. Additionally, social media networks such as Facebook and twitter can sponsor your articles to reach a wider audience, at a small fee. It is also good to ensure your blog has prominently placed social media buttons to allow your readers to share the article further.

Updating your blog frequently.
One mistake most business blogger make is creating a huge time gap between blog posts. For a good blog, you need to make a habit of posting frequently. After capturing your own pool of readers the best way to keep them engaged is through continuous updates, otherwise, their interest is likely to wane.

Using tools to make your blog more powerful
As you start on your blog you may have kept your blog simple. However, as your reader base increases you may need to make the blog more engrossing. As such you will need to learn about Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Results Page. There are quite a number of tools available to assist including Google Adwords and AdSense. It would commendable if you start learning early enough
Blogging is not hard as most people think. All it takes is interest and the will to learn. After a few years of blogging a business is very much likely to draw a lot of attention to its website after which it becomes a matter of converting the interest to sales.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing centers on the creation, promotion and distribution of very valuable content focused on a particular product or service in order to attract the online audience to that particular product or service. As it has always been with other forms of marketing, what is majorly sought after here is attracting and engaging potential customers, customer acquisition as well as brand awareness for the business.

Content marketing involves presenting services and products to customers in a very subtle way that is different from traditional advertising. These most times see the article written in a very liberal form thus ensuring that there’s no presence of a sales pitch in it.

Content marketing is all about the creation and distribution of high-quality content that attracts and engages audiences online. Like other traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is typically used to drive customer acquisition, deeper engagement with current customers, and for brand awareness.

Types of Content
Content used in marketing come in different forms. Some of these include blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, and reports, email newsletters, social media posts, how to guides, infographics, videos, case studies and clients profiles.

These types of content are used depending on the demographics of the audience the content is supposed to be for. For example, a lot of people prefer to watch videos than reading text so videos seem a better tool for content marketing.

How to do Content Marketing
a. Know the needs of your clients
Before you begin creating content for clients and prospective customers, you must know their needs so as to align your content to these needs. You need to find out the information needs of your clients and prospective customers as well. This can be done by sending a survey email ahead of time before writing, with questions that can help you get the answers you seek as regarding what your clients truly want.

b. Create Content
The first step you would need to take in doing content marketing is to decide on the kind of content types you wish to use and create it by yourself or outsource it to professional content creators. With professionals, you are assured that your content would be engaging and attractive to your viewers or readers. Ensure that these contents are valuable enough before you can begin using them

c. Promote content
After creating content, your next step would be to promote these contents. A content is useless until it has been promoted. So it is not enough that you have created content. Promote it via every possible channel. You can start a blog or website for your business where you post these articles and they spread the link around for people to view and click on. If you are unable to promote, you can hire social media promoters that can help you in promoting these contents.

d. Create a true value exchange
Whatever your business is focused on, ensure that your content also showcases the business model and ideas subtly without putting out a sales pitch.

Content Marketing involves developing the right strategies and following it to the end. Content is not enough, it also has to be promoted and it should focus on the needs of the clients.


What You Don’t Know About The Importance Of Content Marketing

Like other organizations in the marketing world, your business might be wrestling with a convergence of upending changes which are familiar with your old tactics for communicating with both customers and prospects.

Due to the high growth rate of demographic diversity, adoption of either new habits of media consumption and interactive technologies, have substantially altered modes used by both customers and prospects to acquire market information.

As you grapple with gaining new tactics that will allow you to communicate effectively with today’s customers and prospects, probably you have heard about a marketing strategy called “content marketing.”

Should You Care About Content Marketing Today, Anyway?

Before I delve deeper into benefits of content marketing in SEO, let’s start by looking at an overview of content marketing and SEO.
What does content marketing symbolize anyway? Is content marketing just a fad? Does content marketing mean anything to SEO?or content marketing is just a viral buzzword? Could content marketing play a crucial part in allowing you to achieve your primary business objectives?

So What Is Content Marketing?

According to marketing experts, content marketing is an effective strategic approach to marketing behaviors which is mainly focused on distributing and creating consistent, valuable, and relevant content that tends to attract and also retain a well-defined audience. Ultimately, content marketing should also drive more profitable customers and prospects action.
Why Should You Invest In Content Marketing?

1) Turns your brand to authority;

Quality content which is delivered on regular daily basis gives your brand an opportunity to turn to be an authority. By your brand being an authority, it plays a crucial role in builds consumers. According to experts and trust is an essential tool used by customers makes perfect purchasing decisions.

2) Higher domain authority;

Content marketing improves your SEO. Having more quality content increases your perceived authority, expertise, trust and relevance your website. Content marketing allows your site to earn more inbound links from various external sources, thus making your domain authority to increase. Gaining domain authority correlates with improved search engine rankings.Therefore; if you invest more in Content marketing your site will gain more so the more organic search visibility

3) Decreases compounding value and marketing costs;

Are you looking for a way to attain better a profitable relationship with your customers or prospects? Or could it be also you are after increased traffic to your website? Want higher and better conversion rates and naturally can’t? The content marketing should be your ultimate marketing arsenal this season.

According to research done by online marketers, Content marketing only requires only sufficient time to give incredible profits. Content marketing tends to be cost-effective marketing strategy since it offers better compounding returns.

4) Increased conversion rate potential;

The main primary objectives of content on your site are to help, inform and engage readers who might turn out to be your customers. According to experts if Content marketing is done tactfully it can play a vital role in increasing the conversions you get on your site.


Are you still feeling skeptical about Content marketing? Well, most first time users of Content marketing pass through the same stage. However, your doubts will disappear once you realize how important the Content marketing is to your business website
I recommend that you give Content marketing a try. Since it will help you to gain either better relationship with your customers, increased traffic to your site, higher domain authority and also allow you to gain more referral traffic.


Content Writing

Good content writing gets you more leads for business. While some may see this as traditional, content writing is a cheaper way of doing marketing for your business online. And it is the most effective marketing strategy that gives you a wide range of potential customers.

However, the quality of your content writing will determine your success with content marketing.

Here are 7 easy tips you could follow to enrich and improve your content:

Tip 1: Do your research, and do it well.

Yes, doing your research means that you provide your readers with well-backed facts. Your content will be credible and will be a quality source of info. Doing your research also means finding other areas that you can create your content around. To start looking for sources on your content, scroll the web for possible sites or sources you can use. Once you feel that you have gathered enough sources, go back to your list and organize them according to a common topic/point. This way, you can easily summarize and present in your own words the ideas presented in the sources.

Tip 2: Write in your own style.

While it may be tempting to copy what other prolific writers write, nothing screams being unprofessional than plagiarism. If you feel that you can present your ideas better by going for a how-to guide, then go ahead. Just make sure that the style you are writing also relates to your content, as well as to the audience who will be reading it.

Tip 3: Your title matters.

The title of your content matters because this is what people see. Your title conveys what people should expect in your content. If it doesn’t interest them, then they will just move along and ignore it. Make your title catchy and unique enough to connect with your readers, but at the same time informative of your content.

Tip 4: Hook your readers with the first sentence.

Hooking your readers interest means that you throw out a line that keeps them reading your content. For example, you are writing content about celebrity exercises. Rather than going the generic “Celebrity exercises are very effective for weight loss.”, you can go for “Ever wondered why celebrity exercises are so effective for weight loss?” Right away, you will pique your readers’ curiosity and make them think of their answer. Which will lead them to continue reading the rest of your content.

Tip 5: Entice your readers with your introduction.

Now that you’ve caught their attention, proceed with creating your lead in your introduction. Craft your introduction in a way that lets the reader get a taste of what your content is about. Add in a short story, or probably relate to a common problem, anything that will keep the interest of your reader going for the main body of your content.

Tip 6: Go for clear, plain and simple writing.

Nothing irks online readers more than having to go through a wall of text. Having fancy, fussy jargon that only add fluff to your content also makes your content difficult to comprehend. Unless you were explicitly required to write academically, then refrain from unnecessary words.

Make use of bullet points or subheadings for your content. Break down the main points in your content and arrange them so that readers can easily scan it. Write your content in such a way that even readers who just scan your work will be able to get the idea quickly.

Tip 7: Practice good SEO.

A simple way that you can increase the rank of your content in search engines would be using simple carewords. For example, if you write “cost-effective hotels and inns” this will give you lesser leads compared if you had written “cheap hotels and inns”. So again, simplicity is still key.

It all sounds simple because that what content marketing really is. Complicating content does not guarantee more success. All it takes is the ability to engage with your customers so that they can relate easily to your content.


How to syndicate Content

Content syndication involves pushing of your web-based content to third parties for re-publication on their own sites. The primary motive behind content syndication is to acquire a larger audience from a more authoritative site. Follow the simple steps below to achieve SEO-friendly content syndication.

Start with guest posting

If you want to be successful in content syndication, you have to prove that you are an authority in your niche. You won’t be able to prove it by launching your blog today and beginning content syndication efforts immediately. Chances are, nobody will be interested in your new blog if they don’t know anything about you. Guest posting is a great way of establishing authority in your preferred area of blogging. Find out blogs in your niche area that accept guest posts and start your journey there. Chances of your content syndication requests being accepted by established blogs are high if you have already build your authoritativeness in your niche area through guest posting.

Reach out to suitable web content syndication partners

Once you begin your search, you will notice that a lot of blogs are open to content syndication. The blogs will be willing to partner with you based on the quality of your samples. Be sure to come up with top-quality samples so that your request can be accepted by the bigger blogs that will offer you top-quality standards. Go for niche content syndication sites that publish posts related to your niche area.

Deal with SEO duplication

One thing that most people fear when it comes to content syndication is the possibility of creating duplicate content issues. Google and other Search Engines are against the idea of spreading duplicate content over the internet. Google indicates that if you syndicate content on other sites, they will only show what they deem as the most appropriate version of the syndicated content which may be the version that you don’t prefer. You can’t dictate which version should be chosen by Google. There is a possibility that syndicated content will outrank your original content. However, you can prevent this from happening through the following methods;

a) Use Nolndex

When you tag a page as Nolndex, Google Search Engine bots don’t index it. Non-indexed blog posts don’t appear in search engine results. What you are doing is removing the syndicated copy from the index. Be sure to ask whether your syndication partner is willing to add the Nolndex tag to your guest posts.

b) Use the rel=canonical tag

The rel=canonical tag is the most efficient way of avoiding duplicate issues when you syndicate your content. Tagging a post or page with the “rel=canonical” tag, you are directing Google to the original source of the content. The tag directs Google when deciding which version of the content should appear in search results.

Syndicate your content on a regular basis

For you to get the best results out of syndication, don’t make it a one-time activity. Once you agree with a publisher about your syndication request, try to push for a more regular syndication deal. Make sure that the publisher agrees to be republishing your content frequently, maybe on a weekly or monthly basis.


Everything You Need To Know About Hiring An Article Writer

Running a business in this digital age requires a lot of content marketing. Through your website, blog, newsletter and social media posts, you can be able to market your brand and enjoy improved online visibility. Creating top-notch copy is extremely difficult, especially because you need to spend hours writing, editing, and publishing. This is exactly why hiring an article writer is a smart decision. Outsourcing writing work to a professional will enable you to create content that is relevant, useful and of high quality.

Finding The Best Writer

When it comes to hiring an article writer, the best ones be found on reputable, online market places. A variety of platforms comprises of writers who have diverse skills. As such, you can be able to narrow down the list and find the perfect writer for your needs.

If you are looking for a writer who is within your vicinity, social and networking groups, and, chambers of commerce can introduce you to the best remote writers. It is important to schedule an online interview in order to break down any barriers with your chosen writer. If a remote freelancer lives a few miles from you, having a physical conversation will assist in communicating your project needs better.

How Much Should You Pay?

It is important to evaluate the pricing on the effort that will be expended on the writing project. However, evaluating writing based on price alone may not be productive. This may mean that you are only buying the time and effort of the writer, not the end results. However, an astute writer will charge according to the end results that you will receive.They will conduct research that is relevant to your business and ask for more project specifications. They will also add value to the business as a whole. Most writers are paid by the word, the hour or by an ongoing retainer fee.

Other Things To Consider

Here are a few ways to determine when and how to hire an article writer:

· Know the right time

It is important to determine the right time to hire an article writer. If the demands of creating content outweigh the ability of the leader or anyone else in the team, then it is time to seek professional help.

· Seek out the best attributes

A good article writer should be curious and want to learn as much about the project at hand. They should also be able to work on a deadline. Remember, the reason you want hire a writer is because you need to meet a deadline. Writing proficiency is also a non-negotiable quality of a good writer.

· Look for red flags

The ability to hire writers is a great benefit for your business. Ask for a simple test assignment and look for referrals from other clients in order to make the best choice.

It is important to hire the right writer for you and your organization. This will not only power a new level of success in your business but it will also propel you ahead of your competition. Hiring an article writer will give you unique experiences and shape the wisdom that you will get from the content creation process.


How to succeed in eBook Marketing

Successful marketing of an eBook depends on the quality of the book. An eBook needs to have a great content, which should be wrapped well with an appealing book cover that bears a catchy title. Further, readers / buyers will look for ‘genuine reviews’ before deciding to buy the book. Getting all these tasks done appropriately is not very easy, as it requires patience and time. Otherwise, if these will be done in a hurry to publish the book, there are lot of chances for the book to end up unsuccessful.  Hence, proper planning is required to get these tasks completed.

Any book for publishing should be well-written and well-designed. This could be achieved, if you could handle the book in a professional manner. That is, you should involve a professional Editor to edit the content and a professional service provider to format your book through Kindle ebook conversion or ePub Conversion or both, as you prefer.

Moreover, you should take all efforts to draw the attention of the readers in order not to let them miss your great book. You need to try all possible ways to make the readers know about the greatness of your book and cause them to get an urge to look into your book. You should not think that you can improve your writing in your next book and thus pay not much of importance to your first book.

Producing your first book should be done with great care and attention, as it is an entry point for you, which will decide your further progress in the publishing field. Readers should not get the feel that it is the book of an amateur writer. Instead, they should be impressed and kindled to look for further books from you.   You need to be highly professional in writing your book.   Therefore, you need to do a good ground work prior to preparing (writing as well as kindle ebook conversion/formatting) your book.

1. Great Content.   The content of your book could be great, if you have written it professionally well – without any spelling, grammatical, punctuation or any other errors. You should attempt to make your book unique too.   So, bear in mind to use unique words and frame the sentences in a unique style too, making the readers to get interested in reading your style of writing. Give a good start (introduction) and a good end (conclusion) too. However, the content in between should also be presented in a nice manner. Thus, you should be able to captivate the minds of the readers through your writing. You can write fiction applying your own imaginations. Non-fictions should contain facts presented in an interesting manner, without any bogus information.

2. Catchy Name (Title). Your book’s title is the book’s name. It is important to frame a relevant but attractive title with words (key words) that could get better ranking in the search engine. Try to have the title not very long.

3. Captivating Cover Page.   Cover page needs to be designed professionally. Avail the service of a professional graphic designer / service provider to get your cover page designed in an exotic manner.

4. Keep Writing without Pausing. Once after publishing your first book successfully, you should continue writing further books. You may write books in series and keep publishing them at regular intervals.

5. Place your book in the appropriate category. Make sure that you place your book under the right category in the bookshelves of the eBook stores to enable the readers to get access to your book easily.

6. Set Right Price for your Book. Pricing of your book should be done carefully. Make it a point not to price it too high or too low. When you offer a low price, readers might think that the quality may not be good enough. If you price too high, they might decide not to buy the book of an unknown author for such a huge price.

However, you are the person responsible for the successful marketing of your book. Put in your best efforts to take entry into the road to success through kindle ebook conversion.